How Much Does it Cost to File for a Texas LLC?

This information should be accurate as of 2017 but please understand that the Texas SOS may change their fees and rates at any time.

The Cost of Filing Yourself

As long as you file yourself (and you’re submitting Form 205 by mail), it costs $300 + postage to file for your LLC in Texas. For more on mailing in your payment, read the bottom of this post.

Another option is to file online through SOS Direct. If you go through SOS Direct, the total you will pay is $308.10. Filing online is faster and you will typically receive your acknowledgement documents within 7 days.

A third option is to file by faxing Form 205 to 512-463-5709.

You will pay by credit card by filling out this form and including it in the fax. Credit card payments will be assessed an additional 2.7% fee on the payment so this option will also cost $308.10.

The Cost of Hiring a Service or Attorney

There are a handful of services that charge you to file your LLC for you. Most are automatic services that merely volley the questions or forms back at you and file them for a fee.

You will also be given upsell options which add to the price of your filing.

However, most people are ignorant and/or intimidated by the process of filing for an LLC and so they unwittingly pay these services without knowing they can fill out Form 205, the Certificate of Formation, themselves.

LegalZoom, SwyftFilings, IncFile, and CorpNet are all services that you can pay to file for you.

However, if you merely need help understanding the questions/fields on Form 205, my Texas LLC Guide walks you step-by-step through every question with an easy to understand breakdown of what each means.

My guide is written in plain language and assumes you are a complete beginner to the LLC formation process. It’s also a fraction of the cost of the Texas LLC filing services.

Expedited Service

If you need to file your LLC ASAP, the Texas SOS offers expedited service for a fee of $25.

Per the SOS website, “Expedited service means that the documents are processed before other documents received the same day and the filing party”.

Note that many filing services will offer you “rush filing” for a higher price, let’s pretend it’s $60, and simply turnaround and get the expedited service from the Texas SOS for $25.

The Good News

Texas LLC filing cost is only a one-time $300+ fee and that’s it.

If you go the DIY route, you can save a lot of money by skipping on the filing services and filling out and filing 205 yourself.

My guide is so detailed it has a screenshot for every field on Form 205 so you’ll have someone holding your hand the whole way through should you need help.

At the end of my guide, I’ll also alert you to what most people don’t know maximizing asset protection and when you might want to hire an attorney.

Below are the details for paying by mail should you want to go this route. I recommend filing online because it’s so much faster for only less than $8.

Payment by Mail Option

To submit by mail, you’ll print out your completed Certificate of Formation and mail it with a $300 check or money order to the Texas SOS.

Make your check payable to the Secretary of State.

The mailing address:
Corporations Section
Box 13697
Austin, Texas 78711