Reviewing Prices of the Top LLC Filing Services in Texas

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I highly recommend you take the DIY approach to filing for your limited liability company in Texas.

If Form 205 looks confusing, my Texas LLC Guide will make everything super easy but if you’d like to find out the cheapest fees online for a filing service, here’s what you’re looking at:

(Keep in mind you will have to pay the state filing fee and a registered agent in addition to the fees listed below.)

Beware of free registered agent service for the first year (or any other initially free recurring add-ons) because it can result in a balloon payment in the following years. or Inc File – $49 and up or Swyft Filings – $49 and up or Legal Zoom – $149 and up or Northwest Registered Agent – $200-$230 or Incorporate – $79 and up or Texas LLC Pros – $100 and up
Attorney – $250 and up

As you can see, it gets pricey when you pay a filing service to register with the Texas Secretary of State (SOS) for you.

Many of the above companies have good reviews but that’s because they’re not doing anything special; you can do everything yourself.

What most people don’t know is you’re going to have answer the questions on the Certificate of Formation, Form 205, anyways – whether you pay a service or not so you may as well DIY.

The problem is Form 205 looks confusing and/or intimidating so most people quickly pay a lawyer or a third party website because they think it’s too much to handle on their own.

This is why I created the Texas LLC Guide.

In the guide, you’ll find everything you need to answer all of the questions and prompts on the Certificate of Formation as well as other common questions you may have about forming a limited liability company.

One question is do you need an attorney to start a limited liability company in Texas?

The answer is a resounding No!

For more about my instantly downloadable guide, watch the YouTube video below.

As an alternative option, you may think about going the route of watching a YouTube tutorial. The problem there is many of the instruction videos are designed to give you just enough information to sell a paid service like one of the ones above.

There’s a reason you’re having such a hard time finding a clear, step-by-step article or video that tells you exactly what to do while fully explaining the questions: They want to sell you something.

With my PDF, everything on Form will instantly become crystal clear as I explain everything thoroughly and if you have any questions about the material in my guide, you’re welcome to contact me for clarification.


Kris Rivenburgh

Texas Attorney Kris Rivenburgh wrote The Texas LLC Guide to help people save money and understand LLC formation/maintenance better.

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